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Fall is in the hair - and with every new season comes new hair care concerns. I know - I know - took me long enough to talk about fall hair - but as you may have guessed up until like yesterday I was still pretending it was "late summer." But I've finally jumped on the bandwagon - the house is decorated, the outside is donned with mums & pumpkins, & I've spent a small fortune on new fall clothes. Now it's time to focus on the hair.

For starters you need to get the summer out of it - if you haven't already. Get a clarifying treatment - this will help get all the leftover chlorine, sunscreen, salt water & any other remnants of summer out of your hair. Finally, trim off those fried ends or get a moisture treatment in salon to bond those ends & make them look healthier & shinier.

Now that your hair is repaired from summer you could update your look for fall. You can add some lowlights or color your hair a little darker. After all "bronde" (brown/blonde) is one of the big hair colors of the moment.

Make sure you keep your hair hydrated in the cooler months to prevent frizziness & fly aways as the air gets dryer. Also, the days of summer air drying your hair is over. Most people are more inclined to use hot tools and style their hair in the cooler months so make sure you're using a good thermal protector to prevent frying your hair.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite fall haircolors of the past few weeks. I loooove this cinnamon-y autumn-y tone.

Hope you all have a wonderful fall!

Cheers - Hal

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