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Fact - every hairstyle does NOT look great on every person. Most woment know this but do the men in our lives? When it comes to face shapes & hair is it as important for men as women? Absolutely! Every hairstyle does not look great on every guy.

The majority of people feel a square face is considered more strong, masculine & handsome. Therefore the ideal shape for men. To achieve the ideal face shape long faces need shortening, wide faces need lengthening & angular faces need softening. This seems a little overwhelming so lets break it down by the 7 basic face shapes.


The oval face shape is actually considered to be the ideal face shape for haircuts. It generally suits any hairstyle in any shape or length because it's proportionally well balanced. If you have an oval face shape consider yourself lucky. From a celebrity perspective some drool worthy oval faced actors are George Clooney & Jake Gyllenhaal.


Men with square faces are often considered very strong & masculine - think Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise & David Beckham. Much like oval, it suits a wide range of styles. The only big tip is to keep hair a little softer on the hairline to soften the square edges a bit - don't overly barber it or it will make you look even more angular.


With an oblong face try to keep a little lenght on top. Try to avoid taking the sides too short because it will accentuate the lenght of your face, making it look even longer. Men with oblong faces should also consider a fringe with their hair styled forward to reduce the appearance of length & maintain balance. Think Adam Levine or Ben Affleck.


Men with round faces should wear their hair with some height on top. Maybe a little bit of a spike or pushed back with volume to help elongate the face & keep it from looking too round. Celebrities with round faces are Elijah Wood & Jack Black.


With a diamond face shape think wide, prominent cheekbones & a narrow forehead & chin - think Johnny Depp. Consider wearing some lenght on your face to soften the silhouette & create some extra width on top.


Heart shaped faces are wide at the temple. Same as diamond face shapes keep hairtstyles longer. Shorter hairstyles will accentuate the upper part of your face. Facial hair is another great way to balance a heart shaped face. A super popular heart throb with a heart shaped face is Ryan Ghosling.


The triangular face shape is opposite of heart - wide jaw with a narrow forehead. Longer hairstyles with layers would work best to add width & volume on top. Also a slight fringe would soften the silhouette. Think Keith Urban.

Obviously anyone can wear their hair any which way they want. But same as the "Color Me Beautiful" concepts we've discussed on the blog - yes you can get your hair cut any way you wish but would you look better if you get the right hair cut for you face shape? Absolutely. It's no coincidence that out celebrity hotties have haircuts that flatter their face shape & help them look their very best.

Cheers - Hal

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