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What is more trendy right now then the beachy wave?! Other then the braid, curls have been a huge trend for years now. Remember when everyone flat ironed their hair as smooth as they could get it? It seems now more & more clients ask how to achieve the exact opposite. Straight hair will always be "in" but it's nice to have options. So here's some tips to help.

I'm sure you're familiar with Hot Tools. It's probably the first curling iron you ever bought. Ironically most hairstylists I know still favor the brand for it's affordability & capability to bend even the thickest, most uncooperative hair. It also has heat settings which is a must. Not everyone needs max heat. Stay around the 200 degree mark for fine or fragile hair & work up from there for people with thicker more coarse hair. Be careful when you're buying your Hot Tool. They come with a spring barrel - meaning it has a clamp - or a marcell iron - which is much harder to handle for the at home curler.

When it comes to curling irons size really does matter. I know what you're thinking - naughty, naughty. Use smaller barrels for tighter curls, larger barrels for looser ones, & tapered wands for everything in between. Hot Tools come in a huge range of sizes - offering everything from a quarter inch - think Little Orphan Annie - to three inches - giving you a very loose bend on the ends. Also for a tighter curl run the iron from roots to ends - for a looser, beachier wave just use it from midshaft to ends. To achieve most of the looks I post on social media I use the Hot Tools 1" spring barrel curling iron.

Before using your curling iron make sure your hair is 100% dry so you don't singe it. Also to protect your hair def use a thermal protector. Some of your better styling products come with one built in. This is what I would suggest because they often stay in the hair for days - so if you're running the iron through your hair on the second or third day it's still protecting it.

If you have your fave styling products already & they don't have it built in no biggie - just pick up a separate thermal protector spray. Try Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Spray. Spray it in your hair before each time you curl or flat iron & it will protect your hair up to 450 degrees.

To make it more manageable clip your hair into sections & go section by section curling your hair away from your face to create a more modern look.

You can also spray each section with a light hold brushable hairspray for more hold. My current fave is Sebastian Re-Shaper.

Curl it a little tighter then you normally would so if it falls you still have a nice curl or wave when you go out & it matters most. Don't worry - if it stays too tight just loosen it up with your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Here's an example of some fabulous girl's night out curls on my client and 6 a.m. gym buddy Carolina - isn't she stunning?

Hope this helps you get the right curl for you! & if you have more questions just hit me up here or over on social media.

Cheers! Hal

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