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How extremely lucky am I that not only do I get to work in a profession I love but I get to do it at Jolie. I can honestly say that Jolie Salon & Day Spa is the perfect home base for me. I can go on & on about the benefits of working there but let's be honest - right about now I'm most hype about the annual party we just had. Owners Peter & Debbie Lee know how to throw a shindig & let me tell you - hairstylists know how to party! Thank the good Lord Peter & Debbie knew enough to hire Deana Clement Photography or we would most likely have no good pics as the night went on - if you know what I mean. I tried to organize some of my fave pics in the appropriate order for your viewing pleasure. Nice & Civilized. Some Cocktails. Dancing & Silliness. SHOTS, SHOTS SHOTS. Completely Out of Control. They get funnier & funnier as you scroll - ending with an amazing & impressive group shot of the entire staff at Jolie.

It was especially interesting because one of my very best friends who happens to work at the station right next to me had her bridal shower the next morning - yikes. Thank God for mimosas. There will be much more coming up on that - I can assure you.

Well I guess we got that out of our systems until next year's party? Who the hell am I kidding - hopefully we hold out until Andrea's wedding in April. Wish us luck!

Cheers - Hal

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