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So the second my partner in crime at the salon announced her engagement I of course immediately began thinking about her bridal hair. I know this will come as NO surprise to you to hear I assumed I would be in charge - whether she liked it or not. Thank God she just kind of went along with it.

As we began our negotiations & power struggles for hair control - we weren't at first completely sold on any one idea. But one thing I was sure of was I wasn't doing anything without extensions. One afternoon she overheard me talking to a client about her getting them for the big day. I was stating it so matter of fact I guess I confused her into thinking it wasn't even an option. She was handing over her credit card & the hair was ordered before her head even stopped spinning.

We went with my my go-to tape in extension - Hotheads Hair Extensions. They're pretty quick & easy to put in & maintain especially when your bestie does it in his dining room.

They're perfect to add length or fullness - not to mention - they hold a curl curl & style for days. Check out the before & afters & let me know what you think.



I am seriously loving on these extensions - we have had way too much fun styling them for the big day & every event leading up to it. As you may suspect there will be plenty of posts & pics leading up to the big day - so stay tuned.

Cheers - Hal

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