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Fight back against humidity this summer! Ok - easy for me to say - but how?! Well lucky for me - & now you too - I have the answer. Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield.

I've told this story before but for those who haven't heard it - it was a a client who first got me really into Living Proof. I had been a Kerastase addict for quite some time - and still am for the record - when a really good client asked how I felt about Living Proof. She happened to be a super intelligent & well respected scientist at Merck & she had heard quite a bit about the product line. Together we read up about it & experimented with the it. I still love Kerastase for a ton of my work but am realllllly into the Living Proof humidity shield & the dry shampoo - which I've also reviewed here - just click on the product tag to read all about it.

I'm not typically a rule follower but when it comes to Living Proof I tend to follow the directions on the packaging. The line was created by top notch scientists who know what's up. In this case - the directions are there for a reason & will help the product be more effective.

The humidity shield should always be used on dry hair. Once your hair's been styled you finish it off with the shield spray & it holds your style in place - not allowing it to frizz up even in the most sticky of situations.

It can even stop frizz after it starts. If you happened to have forgotten to use it & you're hair has already gotten frizzy you can still spray the shield in your dry hair - spraying & running your hands through your hair section by section & it will calm down your frizz situation.

The best part is it will NOT weigh your hair down like a lot of frizz products will. You can still have volume & fullness. It's like spraying air into your hair - it has no hold even though the can says finishing hairspray. As a matter of fact after I spray it into client's hair for the first time they're often like.... now what? That's it! I tell them to go get themselves into their usual precarious situations & let me know next time if their hair frizzed out or if they stayed looking cool as a cucumber. They're always pleased.

So if you want to stay looking pulled together in the humid months try Living Proof Humidity Shield & let me know how you liked it here or over on social media.

Cheers - Hal

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