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No poo, no problem? A ton of people, including most of my clients & my younger sister, have been questioning me lately about the no shamPOO method - probably brought on by the increasing effectiveness of dry shampoo - if I had to guess.

So I've been reading a lot about how people feel about not shampooing their hair & talking to my clients & coworkers about it constantly. And I have to be honest the responses are all over the place. It really depends on the person's scalp, hair, lifestyle & personality - or in other words their ocd to have clean hair or not. There's no one size fits all answer.

I've talked to clients who will not leave the house without washing their hair & some who hardly ever do. To be clear - even the most extreme members of the no poo movement still wet their hair or wash it with baking soda & use apple cider vinegar to condition it or coconut oil as a deeper mask.

If you are going to go no poo - I would strongly suggest doing a really good blow dry after washing your hair & trying to build up as much volume as possible. In other words try to replicate a salon blow out or better yet come in & get one. I'm sure most agree a salon blow out lasts much longer then when you air dry your hair or do a half ass blow dry at home - at least it should or you may need to try out some new stylists! Once your hair is clean & blown out sleep with it in a loose top knot on top of your head or a loose braid to avoid bed head. And last but not least get creative! Throughout the week experiment with buns, pony's, braids, etc. or let it get damp in the shower & re-fluff it up with a round brush & hair dryer. You can also add curls or flat iron throughout the week to help resurrect your look - just remember to use your thermal protector. As you may guess, yes - I strongly suggest you use Living Proof Restore Instant Protection.

So should you try it or not?! There's so much info & conflicting reports out their. Don't drive yourself crazy - it's pretty much common sense. Or what works for you.

If a person's scalp has high sebum production - aka - that shit's oily - they obviously need to wash more. If they have a dry scalp then not so much. Dry damaged, hair does not need to be washed as much - it actually looks better as it builds up some oil & works itself out. On the flip side, silky smooth hair looks greasier & greasier the longer you don't wash it.

Some pros of the no poo movement are using less shampoo is good for the environment & cost saving. You're possibly subjecting yourself to less chemicals, parabens, etc. You save time & water.

On the flip side - some cons are some believe it can cause breakage, for most there's a nasty adjustment period to find what works for them & there are quite a few people coming forward who claim overuse of dry shampoo can cause hair loss.

According to LA dermatologist Sonia Batra - " Dry shampoo deposits substances to coat the follicle that can build up. The resulting inflammation can weaken the follicles & increase shedding. The products can also cause hair follicles to stick together, so that a hair that would normally shed during brushing may take two or three strands along with it."

Damnit! I know you're all thinking that but calm down. Can you still use dry shampoo?! ABSOLUTELY! But like everything else - in moderation - not for weeks at a time. My fave is Living Proof Phd Dry Shampoo. Clients are literally never disappointed in this product.

Then there's the gym. If you exercise regularly & don't sweat a ton then don't wash your hair. If you're soaking wet a shampoo might be 100% necessary - especially if you're a professional. Here's a tip - wear your hair in a high pony with a headband to soak up moisture & make sure you keep your hair off your neck & forehead.

I know - I'm all over the place. So what's my final verdict?!


Why do we always have to go so extreme in one way or the other?! It's not black or white - I never shampoo or I do every single day. Figure out what works for you & your lifestyle that week. Give yourself a great wash & blow-dry once a week or so - or more often or less depending on your scalp, hair & lifestyle. Use smaller amounts of shampoo & concentrate it on the scalp & roots only. Use conditioner only on your mid shaft & ends. This way you're not overwashing your hair - it will feel much nicer & you'll be saving money. Not having to buy shampoo all the time can allow you to maybe invest in a better, higher quality & more expensive shampoo if you aren't already. Use your dry shampoo in between & wear your hair up if you need to.

And that's all! Let me know your experiences if you've tried the no poo method & what you think.

In the meantime -

Cheers - Hal

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