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So no - spoiler alert - as you may have guessed we're not the gay couple getting married - this lovely lady's not gay at all in fact - I just love this picture so much my narcissism took over my body & I just couldn't move forward until I forced it upon you all. But seriously, I finally got to attend my first gay marriage!!! I know - it took long enough. I guess my friends have some commitment issues?! Here's the real couple we came together to celebrate.

And what a handsome couple they are. In truth, maybe my friends have commitment issues or maybe it's just that - thank the good Lord above - gay marriage is finally legal & we can come together to celebrate such a wonderful event. A time that two loving & wonderful people - regardless of sex, race, religion or any other factors - can come together & not only symbolically - but legally - celebrate their union & commitment for one another.

Michael has long been a mentor to me. The best kind of mentor in my opinion. One that not only graciously shared his vast work experience & knowledge as a very successful hairstylist but took me under his wing & taught me so much more than that. Not only being a great mentor but a great friend. He's a real class act. So obviously - I was ecstatic to share in this wonderful night with him & his new husband.

And as you know - I can all too well relate to his love for his nieces & nephew.

It was the perfect night at Positano Coast. Food, friends, fun, music & of course cocktails - lots & lots of cocktails. Here are some more pics from the evening - taken by one of our fave photogs Deana Clemente Photography.

So here's a toast to Ryan & Michael, finallllllly attending my first gay marriage & the fact that they're finally legally happening to begin with!

Cheers - Hal

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