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Want to cut down your blow dry time & not end up with brittle, fried hair? Then get the right hair dryer for you!

If you have really thick hair definitely go with an ionic or tourmaline hair dryer that gives off negative ions for faster drying & less frizz.

If you have finer hair you should go with a ceramic option which provides less harsh heat then the thicker haired women who needs an ionic tourmaline option. For the record all these types can be used on all hair types as long as you're careful.

The next thing to consider is wattage. The higher the wattage the faster it will dry & the more expensive it will be. So again for a finer hair client it might not matter as much & you can save a few bucks!

One other thing that as a stylist I would consider perhaps more then someone at home is the weight of the dryer. If you can afford to go to a store where you can feel the model out of its packaging that would be a great option. You don't need to be getting sore & breaking a sweat blow drying your hair. I mean damn - that's what the gym's for. A good average weight is 1 lb. or 454 g.

Last but not least you definitely want a better model with multiple heat setting & a cool button. You don't need full blast heat to smooth your ends or fluff up second day hair so it's good to have options.

Here's my current fave - FHI Brand Platform Nano Salon Pro 2000.

Hope this helps - I tried to be more concise & to the point then normal so if you have any other questions or need more advice or recommendations feel free to ask here or give me a shout out over on social media.

Cheers - Hal

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