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I'm happy to say we're almost two full months into 2017 & this has actually - fingers crossed to crazy ass Mother Nature - been a really easy winter so far here in the Northeast - no major snowfall, moderate temperatures & an overall better attitude on my part - at least as it pertains to my propensity to winter depression.

I was going through some pictures from the last few months or so & found this one which reminded me of my New Year's resolution. So it felt like the perfect time to revisit whatever goals or New Years resolutions we set at the beginning of the year.

It's such a total bitch to stick to a resolution for me but thoughout the years I found that if I make smaller goals instead of crazy, sweeping reforms & check in with those small goals every month or two I'm much more likely to hold myself accountable & make some change.

And for the record - there are many years I don't actually care about making or keeping a resolution - but in just another 5 months I'll be turning the big 4-0! And I figure why not enter into my 40's being as pulled together as I can. There's just something about that number that makes me feel like I better pull my shit together.

As you may or may not remember - my resolution was not to excercise more, drink less or generally torture myself - as I often say & I'll say it again - no one likes a skinny, sober bitch anyway - they're no fun. My goal was to stay more organized & keep on top of my professional & personal obligations - and to be honest I've been doing pretty good! I've been posting more regularly & keeping to a better schedule & it's really been paying off!!!

Did you guys make resolutions in the beginning of the year & if so how well are you sticking to them?!

Cheers - Hal

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