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Let me start by saying if you're a women & live in or around Montgomery County, PA, you should be shopping at Flirt Boutique if you aren't already!!! I cannot tell you - not a week goes by that I don't compliment a client's outfit and hear they got it at Flirt. Their selection is both fashionable & affordable!

So it was a no brainer when I was approached to style a model to feature some spring arrivals for "Blue Bell's Finest," the official publication for the Blue Bell County Club - our neighbor at Jolie Salon & Day Spa. And it didn't hurt that model happened to be a beautiful & very funny client of mine - and I was already familiar with her hair.

I partnered with a stylist at Flirt to help transition her hair from workout wear, to a business casual career look, to a night out on the town. From a textured top knot, to soft waves, to a smooth & sleek long bob, she looked great in every look!

First of all - how adorable is this tee?!

photos by Jessica Yale Photography

Here are a few behind the scenes pics from the day. Let me preface them by saying it was the Sunday before Christmas - yes these things are often shot that far in advance or more - and you can clearly see from the looks of me I was run down. But spending the day with these beauties was worth it. And besides you know me - I like over sharing & showing what it really looks like sometimes!

I can't remember for sure but I probably had a few - or more - holiday cocktails the night before. But it was a great day styling hair & getting a sneak preview of what my clients will be wearing this spring!

If your'e ever in the area come see me at Jolie - oh yeah - and then pop over flirt to check out the fashions too!

What do y'all think of their little spring preview?

Cheers - Hal

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