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Calm down, calm down - I mean on your styling routine.

Kenra Professional just released their newest collection - Kenra Grip - a range of lightweight styling & finishing products that provide definition & all over volume without weighing your hair down.

Air Grip Spray 5 ($17, 5 oz.): Instantly provides 50% more grip to hair. The ultra-lightweight formula allows for superior definition and all over volume, while still providing a flexible hold. Whip Grip Mousse 9 ($17, 8 oz.): Featuring an airy, whipped formula, Whip Grip Mousse 9 provides three times more volume without leaving hair stiff. High Grip Spray 20 ($19, 8 oz.): Get 24 hour hold and superior definition with an ultra-lightweight formula.

Wait - but don't all products promise the same thing? And most of it is a bunch of pooey anyway?! I was only kind of hesitant to believe the promises because I do actually love the Kenra Volume Spray 25 so they do have a good track record with keeping their promises to me. So I was excited to give it a try.

I loved the new line! It arrived right before a long holiday weekend spent with my family. The mail came just in time to experiment with it on my sisters. The perfect victims - or in this case lucky ones - because they discovered a product that would give their normally finer hair enough grip to hold a really textured look - without weighing it down & making it all greasy & gross.

It was a hot weekend with tons of activities. Once I had their hair styled it stayed for days & looked super summery & textured. But it was still soft brushable. The perfect combination.

Don't get me wrong - I liked all 3 of the new products but I was really into the Air Grip Spray 5. It was a little like a backcomb in a bottle. It's a dry wax & gives the hair a bit of a second or third day feel to your freshly washed mane. So if you're not into a grittier feel this is not the product for you. If you're looking for something with grip - as the product's name says - it will give your hair the texture it needs to stay in a braid or updo. It gave the hair enough grip & was especially helpful to use for updos in areas I was using bobby pins. It gave my sister's usually silky strands more texture & enough grip for the pins to really hold on to & feel secure.

The Air Grip is a fave of mine for braiding & updo styling but is def not for the faint of heart. If you're looking for something safer & less gritty go with the Whip Grip Mousse 9.

I even loved it in my own hair. After spraying it through my length on top it felt like I had double the amount of hair I usually have!

Check them out & let me know what you think. The entire collection is available now at Ulta.

Cheers - Hal

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