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So some of you may or may not remember my New Year's resolution was to stay organized, consistent & focused on the blog & my work commitments. And I was doing reallllly, really well the first 6 months of the year. I was keeping to a calendar & posting regularly, communicating consistently with sponsors & peers, editing & posting pics on instagram, etc. I was even able to hold myself accountable & prove it with my monthly recaps.

Well let's just say thank goodness I'm humble & can admit my faults & weaknesses because this month I fell off the wagon - hell the whole wheels fell off the wagon - went kaput. I'll admit it - professionally things slow down a bit in July & August & my personal life ramps up. It actually makes sense to take the most time off when my clients are also away right?!

I was able to spend an entire week with my family in Cape May - yes - I love the Jersey shore - another admission. And this one holds no guilt. I love it. To read all about why & see a full photo gallery of my time in Cape May just click here.

I also spent a weekend in New York City celebrating my - gulp - 40th birthday!!!! And we packed a lot into one weekend - Broadway, shopping & great food & drinks. To see pics of my NYC adventure just click here.

I did manage to do at least one hair related post in the month of July. I featured a new product that I can't believe you're making it through summer without. Living Proof In-Shower Styler. To read all about it & see more pics of this beauty & a stunning before showing just how much this product can do for you just click here.

So I'm not even going to lie - August seems like it might be a challenge for me to stay focused too - but I'm really going to try to get back on track. But no worries - we do have tons & tons of content & fun posts & announcements coming closer to fall!

Hope y'all enjoy the rest of your summer -

Cheers - Hal

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