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So it's been a minute since I started a new series over here at #hairbyhal & I decided to start sharing little helpful hair tips each Tuesday. Some are more complicated then others. Remember, what may seem basic to one can be life changing to another. So here it goes.

Summer is slowly coming to an end - I know, it's a nightmare - and if you've spent even a fraction of the time I have by the pool or beach then your hair may be feeling a little crunchy & have a little buildup from salt, sunscreen, chlorine, hair products - aka dry shampoo - etc.

You're going to want to strip the summer out of your hair & get it back to a nice equalized state to start the new season off right. The major way to do this is by clarifying your hair.

So you can def partner up with a stylist you trust to get a professional in-salon clarifying treatment - especially if you have a lot of buildup & your hair is feeling a little extra.

If it's not too bad & you can handle it at home my personal fave clarifying shampoo is Moroccan Clarifying Shampoo.

Clarifying shampoos & treatments are super helpful to really clean out your locks but can be a little drying. So you would want to follow up with a more moisturizing shampoo or conditioner. That's the main reason I love the Moroccan version. It cleanses your hair & scalp really effectively after a long summer but still keeps some moisture in your hair. In other words it doesn't leave your hair feeling like a piece of cardboard.

So in short - when your summer's over give yourself a nice clarifying shampoo or treatment & start your autumn hair off right.

Cheers - Hal

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