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The fifth week in my summer prep weekly obsessions is the first one that doesn't have to do with getting our bodies beach ready. If you haven't gotten on this yet then good luck! Just kidding, just kidding you can still do it!

Or better yet forget about that & focus on the summer hair trends that will keep us looking sexy all season long. For some reason summer seems like the perfect time to take a hair risk. Not sure if it's the laid back vibe or it was ingrained in me as a child I could do more daring things once school was out for summer.

Whatever the reason here are the five summer hair trends I'm obsessed with this week.

Rose Gold

This hue has been popping up everywhere & I'm in love with all it's incarnations - from the more pinkish hues to the darker mauves I'll take this trend any which way I can get it!

Space Buns

After seeing all the Coachella images on Pinterest it was clear to me this trend was a huge on for this summer. It's a little 90's for some but as a teen in that era it's right on point for me.


I'm always a fan of balayage of course but I'm especially into the warmer & brighter golden blondes that have been popping up everywhere for summer. Take a small break from your ash obsession & brighten that hair up for summer!

Beach Waves

What's better then looking like you just stepped off the beach? Nothing as far as I'm concerned. And if you can't achieve this look by actually living the beach life then you can at least create it at home to give the look!


Yeah, yeah I know. Braids are nothing new but the warmer more humid months are the perfect time to master your braiding & become newly obsessed.

What are your favorite ways to wear your hair in the summer months? Or what other things are you obsessed with this week?

Cheers - Hal

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