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It's already the eighth week of summer hair care tips for #hairtiptuesday! How are these weeks flying by so fast?!

I, personally, have been having an amazing summer. If you follow along over on instastories you know I've been lucky enough to be spending a ton of time doing everything summer... from the pool to the lake to the beach & everything in between.

And I've been rocking some pretty bronzed skin & highlighted, beachy hair.

But I do understand not everyone's as blessed. But lucky for you this week's hair tip is how to get the perfect beach wave even if you are stuck indoors.

For the ultimate beach wave sea salt spray is the perfect product to create that textured beachy look.

My current fave is Bumble & Bumble's Surf Infusion. And it's not drying at all - this one has a little bit of oil in it so you can achieve texture with added hydration.

So you're going to wash your hair, towel dry it reallllly well so it's not dripping wet & then spray in your fave sea salt or texture spray. Then let your hair air dry or rough dry it to add roughness & volume - do NOT take out that round brush & make your hair too smooth.

Finally curl random pieces in different directions, leaving the ends out for a natural, carefree look.

If the hair is still feeling too soft add some dry shampoo or volume powder to get that undone look.

Go give it a try & lemme know how you liked the look!

Cheers - Hal

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