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The last few weeks I just kind of launched into my weekly obsessions. So I thought in case there were any new readers I would kinda remind everyone what this little ditty is all about.

Every Friday I just take a few minutes to share the five random things I'm obsessing over that week... & then you guys let me know in the comments section what things I NEED to know about that I might be missing out on!

And another quick note... none of the items I share weekly are sponsored or am I paid for in any sort of way.

So lets get started...


My sister gave me this for my birthday & every time I pour a glass of wine... which lets be real is pretty much every night - this glass brings a smile to my face. Or maybe it's the smell of the chardonnay... in any case this glass is so cute.


Yes I can be a real basic bitch at times... with no apologies. I've pretty much lost interest & given up on the Bachelor/Bachelorette at this point but can still get so invested in all the antics of Bachelor in Paradise. I don't know what it is but I LOVE it! Do you have any summer guilty pleasure shows?


My coworker had these on last year & I freaked out. I ran right to Aldo to get myself a pair & to my disappointment they were SOLD OUT! Well lemme tell you I damn near made a scene when I walked into my local DSW & saw them sitting there! I love all things anchors & nautical but the practical side of me was really questioning how often I would wear blue suede shoes? I mean I was buying them no matter what obvi, but I actually have been wearing the hell out of them.


I have been trying to get to the shore or the mountains or wherever I could get in a day before the summer slips through my fingertips. I really wish I could take a whole week in July & another in August... but since I can't day trips will do. And I've been having a blast!


My sister has been paying a small fortune for what tastes like sun tea at Lifetime Fitness this summer. When I tasted it all these memories from my childhood of my mother making sun tea flooded back to me! So of course I made some by the pool at my sister's house & it was sooooo good! Side note - I find that the cheaper flavored tea brands don't often give much flavor but I used Stash & it was on point. Our fave so far was the raspberry white hibiscus. Have you ever made sun tea? What is your fave summer beverage?

So there you have it... what are your current obsessions?

Cheers - Hal

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