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Our schedules are all out of control! It's next to impossible to balance work, play, family & everything else in between... trust me - I get it! Especially with all the added craziness of the holidays!

So here's one tip to make all that balancing a little easier - prebook your next hair appointment before you leave the salon & cross one thing off that to-do list right off the bat!

Don't we all have enough going on during the holiday season to worry about our hair too?!

Now's the time to be thinking about just how many weeks there are between now & the end of the year & how to space out those appointments so you look good for all of the upcoming holidays.

When you prebook you get your favorite stylist... who's most likely everyone else's favorite too! You don't want to get stuck with someone less desirable or someone you don't trust doing your hair on a special day.

When you prebook before leaving the salon you get your first choice of day & time & aren't stuck with the undesirable appointment time no one wants. And better yet you have your stylist's attention when booking so you know it's being done right - especially if you don't happen to trust the receptionist staff at your salon or your appointment bookings are more complex then average due to extensions, longer or thicker hair then average etc.

By doing this you can save yourself the frantic call or worse yet attending a special even with roots or even worse than that with a bad drugstore dye job on a big day.

And if cost is a concern you can budget accordingly because you know you have an appointment coming up.

So before you leave the salon next time consult with your stylist to prebook your next appointment. Better yet if you know you need a super popular time - like right after work on Thursdays or first thing on Saturday morning - then put yourself in there for the year. You can always reschedule if you need to as the date get closer.

Do you prebook your hair services or are you a spur of the moment client?

Cheers - Hal

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