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It's officially November so maybe now would be a good time to admit that what I was pretending the last few weeks was our #styleoftheweek was actually the first three hairstyles of my annual "12 Days of Holiday Hair" series.

This was really popular for me & the blog last year so I decided to bring it back... to check out last year's looks you can click here.

I just didn't want to get yelled at for even mentioning the word "holiday" before Halloween but the reality is if I wanted to give each of my 12 looks enough attention I had to begin sharing them in October... so there you have it.

This chain braid is actually the fourth look of my "12 Days of Holiday Hair."

And the good news is this is actually the fourth look that can be completely done with elastics & some hair spray or volume powder... no bobby pins necessary.

So what do you guys think about this #styleoftheweek?

Are you into the chain braid?

Cheers - Hal

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