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This week is all about my fifth look of the "12 Days of Holiday Hair" & I'm presenting you with a bun mohawk.

Now I already know this isn't a look that will appeal to everyone... why am I being so controversial this year?! Last year all 12 of the looks were universally appealing & I guess I just wanted to push the envelope a little & give different options for 2018.

I personally love the bun mohawk & it's another look that most people could pull off on their own in no time at all but will get you a ton of attention!

I can't believe we're already 5 looks in & it's the first of this year's looks that even requires a bobby pin. These were the ones I used & if you want to read more about how & why a professional (which really doesn't even cost more than a drugstore one) bobby will make your styling so much easier just click here.

And last but not least believe it or not this lovely model is actually a client of mine who requested this look for a charity even she was going to... which actually made my life easier because it was one less model I had to recruit to create my 12 looks this year.

But this beautiful client also has baby fine hair likes yours truly. Which can make a look like this one hard to pull off. But lucky for us both I know just what products to use in this situation:

So there you have it... look number five. How do you feel about the mohawk buns?

Cheers - Hal

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