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Well December is officially upon us & I am HYPE for the holidays! Who the heck am I kidding... I have been since November 1st!

So it should come as no surprise that my 5 things this week pretty much revolve around the holiday season. especially as I get my home ready for visitors.


This weekend I switched over my entryway from Thanksgiving to Christmas & it came out so pretty. I absolutely love having a nice warm entryway to welcome me home at night!


One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is go to festive greenhouses & decorate my outside spaces with all my beautiful little finds. Not only does it look so pretty but it smells great too!


I was at a little holiday soiree this past weekend & saw this on the table & immediately started brainstorming when I would have an opportunity to serve this adorable appetizer. But instead of rosemary I'm definitely going to use a bed of mixed greens even if it does look a little less wreath like.


Until I started pulling out my decorations I kinda didn't realize how many holiday pillows I had. Clearly this is a thing for me... what can I say I like to be comfy. And these are just the pillows... forget about the throws & blankets!


For as much as I love fresh greens outside I really don't actually like a real Christmas tree... I know... this is so contradictory & goes against all my Christmas craziness but I really just prefer the easiness of an artificial tree. And to be honest they hold my ornaments better & look so real anymore. And this way I can pull it out & decorate it whenever I want instead of finding time in my schedule to go get one every year... and it's been raining so much... not to mention the lantern bugs... I just can't be bothered. But I'm not gonna lie... the only thing I do miss about not having a real tree is the smell of balsam in the house... but no worries... we have candles for that!

What are you guys into this start of a new month?

Cheers - Hal

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