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So it's the New Year & I know I for one am all about goal setting & planning out the year ahead trying to set myself up for success. We do it for our vacation time, budget etc... why not do it for our hair?!

I've def talked in the past about the importance of prebooking your hair appointment for the holidays or a big event like your wedding.

The benefits of prebooking are endless.

When you prebook you get your favorite stylist... who's most likely everyone else's favorite too! You don't want to get stuck with someone less desirable or someone you don't trust doing your hair on a special day.

When you prebook before leaving the salon you get your first choice of day & time & aren't stuck with the undesirable appointment time no one wants. And better yet you have your stylist's attention when booking so you know it's being done right - especially if you don't happen to trust the receptionist staff at your salon or your appointment bookings are more complex then average due to extensions, longer or thicker hair then average etc.

By doing this you can save yourself the frantic call or worse yet attending a special event with roots or even worse than that with a bad drugstore dye job on a big day.

And if cost is a concern you can budget accordingly because you know you have an appointment coming up.

OK - so now that we can all agree on how imperative it is to prebook your next appointment before you leave the salon I wanna take it to the next level.

Now I know this is not gonna be for everyone... but it should be... especially if you have a big event in your life in 2019.

Why not schedule it out for the whole year?!

Picture this... you're getting married in May & realize you have awful roots in mid April. Now are you really gonna get your color done twice that close together or are you going to run around with roots to all the exciting things you have going on the weeks leading up to your wedding?! Or are you gonna get married with a little root?! None of these options are particularly desirable.

But guess what... this could have been avoided by pulling out your planner or partnering with your stylist & thinking about the best way to space out your appointments for the year. And it may not be perfect... maybe one time between visits you go one week longer then you would want to & once you may be in a little sooner then you think you might need but at least you have the peace of mind you'll look great for all your major moments of the year. I mean what really is the point of getting your hair done on January 2nd after you've already seen every person known to man over the holiday season?!

Hopefully this makes sense to you... if not just shoot me a message.

Is this something you can see yourself doing or am I going a little OCD?

Cheers - Hal

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