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It's a new year & all the hustle & bustle of the holidays are over... or so you would think. I usually get a little down in the dumps this time of year but to be honest it hasn't calmed down at all yet! I'm sure it will eventually so I'm gonna ride this tide of excitement while I can.


One week to the night of New Years Eve I hosted our monthly book club & instead of being bored that all the new years festivities were over I kinda poured myself into book club planning. Did I go a little overboard... of course I did but I think I was over compensating for the fact that everyone was going to be seeing my house all boring post holiday so I got a little extra! I kinda had to dedicate the monthly book club it's own post... to see more just click here.


And this week I got to see the Carol King musical "Beautiful" as part of the Broadway touring series. I loved it so much! I actually had no idea just how many songs Carol King wrote... what a true talent... and the actress playing her knocked my socks off!


I finally got around to using my Instant Pot. I scoured Pinterest for what to try first & for some reason the Instant Pot lentil stew from just really attracted me. It's super healthy & I think hearty stews like this one this time of year are just perfect. I was so scared to use the pressure cooker method at first but I loved how the stew came out.


How absolutely adorable are these cookies & cake pops I ordered for book club from Doreen the Cookie Diva? All I had to tell her was the book's Alaskan theme & I was decorating wintery & this is what she came up with on her own. And everyone absolutely loved them!


This time of year I find myself reflecting on 2018 & what I want to do in the new year. I kinda get obsessed with creating goals for myself & how I'm going to reach them. Not necessarily resolutions... more so just goals for success if you will. Did you make resolutions or goals for 2019?

So there you have it... these are the five things I'm obsessed with this week.

How are you feeling this January... does the start of the new year excite you or do you dread the winter ahead.

Cheers - Hal

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