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We're officially in March.... can you believe that?! Whether you're someone who thinks January & February flew by or that they lasted two years I for one am glad I'm one step closer to spring & summer!

It's Friday, the first day of March & time for me to share this week's five things.


The Academy Awards are the culmination of the entire awards season & a must watch for me. It's like my Super Bowl... whether you like the host, the winners or even if you saw any of the movies I for one get so excited to see what everyone is wearing & how they've styled their hair!!! It's so much fun playing fashion police.


Why oh why on earth did they have to come out with these during my pre-Bahamas diet! I'm obsessssssed... although my friend thinks they taste like lemon Pledge. So I guess these won't be universally crowd pleasing... but to me it's two thumbs up.


The jury may still be out on lemon oreos but my entire book club agreed "Where the Crawdads Sing" was ah... mazing! Our new book club selection is the Fred Roger's biography by Maxwell King. I actually haven't started it yet but if it's anywhere near as fabulous as the Mr. Roger's documentary "Won't you be my Neighbor" then I will def be obsessssssed!


Why on earth would a man want longer, healthier lashes... I don't actually have an answer for that other than why the hell not? I've always had naturally super curled lashes to the point where people in the beauty industry always ask if I've curled or permed them. The answer is a hard no... but they are really short. So why not go for it? I've only been using the lash conditioner for three weeks but people are already complimenting my eyes & they feel & look so awake & alert!


Ok so it appears like I am in vain mode right now but lets just go with this. My dentist... Dr. Josh Seltzer gave me a Glo Science professional at home tooth whitening kit & I am LOVING it! I've long seen celebrities promoting these heat accelerating techy ways to whiten your teeth at home & have often wondered if they work. Well let me confirm for you they do! I can't speak for the other brands but Glo is a winner!

So there you have it... these are the random five things I'm obsessed with this week. How bout you... what are you dying over this week?

Cheers - Hal

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