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One of the biggest misconceptions about blow drying your hair is that you should start immediately after getting out of the shower. Or on the flip side... waiting too long. It's a fine line.

Make sure you dry your hair according to it's texture!

Fine to medium hair can air dry or be rough dried much longer... actually it's even better because you're building up some volume in the hair before you go into it with a brush. With finer textures you can have your hair over 50% dried before even touching a brush.

When I say rough or "power" dry I mean you lightly give your hair an all over drying with the hair dryer & your fingers just getting out extra moisture before you even touch a round brush. Like I said finer hair can be rough dried anywhere from 50-80% which will make it much quicker & reduce damage from heat.

Medium to coarse & frizzy hair can not be air dried or "power dried" anywhere near as long as finer hair. You have a much better chance of getting frizzy or curlier hair straight when it still has moisture in it. For this reason you would want to start drying with a brush well before it's 50% air dried but not while it's still sopping wet.

So you'll want to go into your hair with a paddle or round brush much sooner so you'll be fighting less of a battle with the frizz.

This sounds like a no brainer but I see it all the time in the salon where people let frizzy hair get way too dry before going into it with a brush for smoothness & then they're fighting an uphill battle & damaging their hair.

Hopefully this all makes sense.

If not just reach out & we'll chat!

Cheers - Hal

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