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It's time for a change of season & all the excitement that comes with that. Spring is the most dramatic seasonal change for me... it's like a total reborn moment where I completely come out of hibernation.

But what does this really have to do with your hair?!

Well just as we switch out wardrobes seasonally, you should also evolve your hair care!

Think about it... would flip flops protect your feet in the winter months? Hell nah. Well that's the same reason you wouldn't use the very heavy & moisturizing conditioning mask your hair needs in the winter in the warmer & more humid months.

So in cooler months I'm assuming you often shop for products that have the word "moisturizing" or "nourishing" or even "hydrating" in it.

When warmer months hit the average person could get away with a much lighter & soothing formula. You can also look for products with a UV protectant & some beach waves & texture or sea salt sprays because you'll most likely be letting your hair air dry more in the warmer months.

So when you're going through all the wardrobe changes, spring cleaning & planting use this as a reminder to also switch out your hair products too!

Cheers - Hal

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