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As a stylist I can honestly say that one of the biggest requests I get is how to style hair at home.

This is NOT easy for most... and especially for people with hair thin AF.

And we talk endlessly about products that will give your hair life... from mousses to volume powders to every hairspray on the market. chances are if your hair is anywhere near as fine as mine then you've tried it.

But maybe part of this is the problem.

You're most likely using too much product!

A little bit of a high quality product can go a long way with a finer haired client. Start by using very little & you can always add more if & when you need it. If you start with too much product right out of the gate it will most likely only weigh your hair down!

And this doesn't only go for your styling products... it goes for conditioner too. You may be able to skip it all together or use just a little bit on your mid shaft & ends.

Keep that conditioner away from your roots to prevent them from getting weighed down!

Listen.... for the record I'm not telling you to swear off products. That would be an actual sacrilege coming from a true product junkie like myself.

Quite the opposite... I'm telling you to invest in really high quality products that are highly concentrated to get you fullness... but only when you're using the right amount.

Cheers - Hal

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