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July & December are by far two of my favorite months of the year & they both seem to just fly right by!

This July was a great month for me! I celebrated my birthday & am now well into my 40s... like what the actual hell?! We went for our annual summer pilgrimage to Cape May & had an amazing week of perfect weather & quality time with the fam. And I had my 10 day social media & salon summer social media detox & it felt so good!

But no worries... I came back all recharged & ready to kick some butt!

I thought the blog was pretty busy this July but as I was putting this post together I realized it kinda actually wasn't. Between my week off & everyone else's vacations, etc. everything was pretty quiet. Which is actually super nice for a change... and makes it the perfect time for a family vacay & a social media break from a business perspective. This way I can enjoy my precious summer just like everyone else!

To read about how I transformed my scary scarecrow hair to silky smooth in one wash click here to check out our July product of the month.

And to check out the month's worth of #hairtiptuesday posts which all revolved on how to have fun in the sun & enjoy your summer while still maintaining the health & integrity of your hair then click here.

And for all of July's obsessions click here... and there are a ton of fun family vacay pics there too!

Here are your #styleoftheweek posts from social media in case you're not following along over there.

Which is your fave?

And here were your #fridayquotes.

And as always I love to know what people are reacting to.... just because I find it interesting. So I went through the month's full of posts to find out which was the most popular image of the month. And here it is...

So there you have it.... that was my month in a nutshell.

Talk to you soon!

Cheers - Hal

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