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This was an interesting week for me... not gonna lie.

Coming off my 10 day vacay & social media detox it was kinda like a slap in the ass to get back to the gym, strut my tired ass behind the chair in the salon & get back to all the blog work that was piling up waiting for me.

So that's I guess the ugly side of taking ten days off... but you know what... it was sooooo worth it I would do it over again a million times.


You know what helped make my first day back to work a little more exciting... the fact that it was my BIRTHDAY! At first when I came to the daunting reality that this would be the first time that I can remember that my birthday didn't fall in my summer hiatus.... but instead on my first day back... I was less then thrilled. But as it turns out it was the perfect distraction to help me ease back into reality. And PS I still find it so weird how crazy the calendar can be lol.


I was introduced to "The Whisper Network" from who else... Reese Witherspoon duh. What kind of self respecting gay would I be if I wasn't following along with Reese's book club. I read this book on vacay & COULD NOT put it down! It was sooooo good... I promise... if you don't like it I'll be shook.


I also read this one on vacay too since I had a little time to read more because I literally could not put down the last one! Lets be honest... would it even be summer if I didn't read an Elin Hilderbrand book? Especially fitting that this was a winter themed one perfect for Christmas in July. I'm not gonna lie... I was super skeptical about this one because it was the first one I read that wasn't based in Nantucket. At this point the location is pretty much the main character in her books. I liked it for sure... didnt LOVE it as much of some of her others... but what can I say... I guess it was a pretty slow week lol.


I guess I'm really feeling Reese Witherspoon this week. It seems like people weren't super hype about how this series ended but I honestly felt such closure & contentment it wasn't even funny. And who couldn't appreciate the superb acting of Nicole Kidman & Meryl Streep in those courtroom scenes?! The season may have been slow but this last hour I could've watched over & over again.


OK so as it's turning out this may be becoming the #fridayfive you all may disagree with the most. I'm pretty sure most of you hate Christmas in July, this season of "Big Little Lies" & literally every single person I've talked to has thought the new "Cats" movie trailer has been creepy & weird. I had the exact opposite reaction. I had actual, literal chills. Maybe it's because I've seen the show so many times that I'm desensitized to the idea of full grown adults dancing around in cat costumes & I think it's normal?! But I know that I for one will def be seeing this movie.

So there are my five things I'm most obsessed with this week... most of which y'all will probably ridicule me over lol.

Cheers - Hal

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