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Happy HALidays!

Can you even believe another year is coming to an end?!

I usually have a weird feeling of dread when a year concludes. I start to get in my head... I haven’t done enough, I could have tried harder, I could have pushed more.


No one's having to question if they made the most of their time, over here! All I am doing is celebrating all the amazing moments and experiences I had!

From my sister’s wedding in Turks, family time in Cape May, quality time with friends… Even meeting my fave lady of summer, Elin Hilderbrand AND my idol, Cody Rigsby... it's been a hell of a year!

These were all amazing experiences, but what made the year even more special was getting to be a part of some of your most special days too. From weddings to mitzvahs, First Holy Communions, proms, & everything in between... we sure did have a lot to celebrate!

That you trust me to make you look beautiful on such important days in your life is truly an honor.

Hell… that you trust me on the daily is quite the accomplishment too.

So thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The immense gratitude I feel for your continued support is mind blowing. You've contributed to making this such an incredible year for me, both personally and professionally.

Here's to an equally eventful & successful 2024!


P.S. Come on over to Instagram to see video recaps of some of my personal and professional shining moments.

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