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March 19, 2020

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March 18, 2020

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April 6, 2018

Hey guys... so the last few weeks have been themed - everything from Philly Pride to Saint Patrick's Day & Easter & I have a whole slew of "summer prep" faves to share coming up over the next few weeks so this one is going back to basics & I'm simply sharing the 5 random things I'm obsessing over right now.  


It's as easy as that... oh & as always these are completely unsponsored things.  




No... you're not looking at an old post from two years ago.  This is indeed a new post... it's me who resisted the "This is Us" phenomenon until the fateful snow day I had nothing to watch & fell in the rabbit hole of the Pearson family.  I laughed... I cried... actually I just cried, and cried & then cried some more but really understood what all my clients have been raving about all this time.  







My Niece & Nephew 


Yeah I know what you're thinking... duh... I'm obsessed with them all the time!  But their week long vacation made me even more obsessed then I was before!  If that's even possible.  I missed those little buggers.  Here's a little pic of their California get away. 




Home Goods 


I was pretty much a weekly Home Goods shopper when I first bought my house 5 years ago & then I just kinda fell off.  When it was decided I would be having Easter at my house I went to Home Goods to get some spring entertaining pieces & pretty much went nuts. Lets just say my obsession with Home Goods was resurrected... lets just leave it at that.  




As y'all know I didn't have my car for half of winter & when I got it back I fell back in love with Audible.  I forgot how wonderful it was to listen to books on my way to work.  I realized I hadn't really finished one book yet this year... that's bad!  I said there was no theme this week but I'm starting to see a small theme of falling back in love with things after I haven't had access to them in a while!


"Big Magic"


When I realized I could use my Audible account in the car again it was too late because I didn't have a new book downloaded.  So I decided to revisit one of my all time faves - "Big Magic."  This book gives me so much motivation & inspiration in my own personal creative process.  What do I need to read next?!





So in closing I need to know two things... what are you obsessed with this week & what books do I need to check out next?!


Cheers - Hal 



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