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March 18, 2020

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May 11, 2018

It's week four of my summer prep obsession series & I have a confession to make.  


OK - y'all are gonna think I'm totally crazy when I say this but I'm not really a big music person.  When I tell people this the response I often get is who the hell doesn't like music?! 


It's not that I don't - I just really prefer to listen to Audible or Podcasts when I'm in the car or at home.  


The only time I realllllllly love music is when I'm working out.  It's the only time I really can't be without it.  


So I thought that my music obsessions would be the perfect addition to my summer prep weekly obsessions - to read the rest of the ways I'm getting myself together for summer just click here.  


Whatever Motivates You 


Obviously the best music to workout to can be from any genre - even though I personally prefer pop... shocking I know lol.  If you really want to motivate yourself you have to play music that touches YOU personally.  One of those songs for me is defffffff David Guetta & Sia "Titanium"  - for some reason it just really never gets old for me.  




I know... I know how cliche.  But honestly Pitbull songs are almost always the right beats per minute for cardio.  Coming from this Cyclebar addict trust me - music with a strong beat helps your movements stay consistent - & his lyrics are upbeat too. 


Naughty Girl - Beyonce 


What can I say - whenever I listen to this song I channel my inner stripper & kick my workout into overdrive.  And who on earth doesn't want a booty like Beyonce.  




If  you're as unoriginal with music as I am spend an hour or two playing around with the Spotifiy app - I have found some of the best workout playlists on here & it's perfect for someone like me who isn't going to create my own playlist.  




Lose Yourself - Eminem 


Again - normally I'm not a fan of hip hop but this is the ultimate song to really get your blood pumpin.  


What is your favorite song to workout too?  Share in the comments - this music dumbie over here can use all the help he can get!


Cheers - Hal 







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