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Marsala is Pantone's color of the year for 2015. So we'll be seeing this red-brown wine color popping up all over the place - from fashion, home furnishings and most importantly BEAUTY! But the question is can you wear this hue in your hair? I say yes - any color named after a wine is cool with me. It would definitely work best on brunettes as an all over color, or if a high impact red isn't your deal it can be used as an accent color with high or low lights or as an ombre or sombre color.


If you go for it, you should know reds and auburns fade fast - so make sure you're using your sulfate free color safe shampoos to make it last til next years color is announced.

In case you forgot - radiant orchid was the color of 2014 and it showed up everywhere - most notably atop the heads of Nicole Richie, Katy Perry & Kelly Osbourne. If orchid could make such a splash in the hair industry the more natural marsala may just be a no brainer.

So how do you all feel about marsala? I'm liking it - so long as it ends up in your hair at the hands of your stylist and not through some Beverly Hills housewives moment.

Let me know what you think over on the facebook page or check out my pinterest for more marsala inspiration.

Cheers... Hal

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