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So this is my first ever blog post - I am so excited! I thought I'd start by sharing some facts about me - some more embarrassing than others - so we can get to know eachother better.

I have a 4 year old niece and 2 year old nephew who are my little loves - and are almost as big of a diva as me.

I have a strange unexplainable obsession with QVC - I think it stems from the fact that most live tv personalities, both likeable and awful ones, intrigue me.

No matter what shenanigans happen the night before, I always spend the 6a.m. hour with my #fitfam working on our fitness - and Lord knows some mornings aren't so pretty.

I haven't always been a fashionista, in my High School years I donned a marching band uniform and my main accessories were my trumpet and my voice!

I've been watching Days of Our Lives for 24 years!!!! I've outlasted most acctresses who've made stops in Salem along the way.

I am obsessed with seasonally changing home decor - my family often accuses me of turning my house into a home decorator's catalog.

These are just a few strange fun facts - I'm sure I'll be sharing more along the way.

Cheers... Hal

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