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et peeve of mine - when clients feel they have to travel to a city - fight traffic, search & pay for parking, and often lose the better part of a day off - to get the best hair services. In my experiences, these often higher priced stylists in metropolitan areas exhibit the same expertise - or less for that matter - then their suburban counterparts.This is a p

I accompanied a color client of mine to a New York City salon so she can have her hair cut by a very high profile stylist - who once appeared on a reality makeover show - only for her to be disappointed by the result... and prices. The salon was beautiful, the vibe was great & I got to meet a few very high profile people in the salon industry. BUT she did not leave with quite the makeover she expected - while I on the flip side left feeling pretty cool - not only did her cut not match the prices but he complimented her color - hello ego boost!

Working outside Philadelphia, I often meet new clients who start their consultation off by saying they've been going to a salon downtown but - insert reason - I've decided to give you a try. They're never disappointed and for some reason shocked they can get that same level of service and experience outside the city. For that reason - I'm making it my personal duty to bring Beauty to the Burbs!

Cheers... Hal

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