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It's not everyday I can have a life changing moment with a client. Let's face it - everyday maintenance - gray coverage or just a trim - is a huge part of my work week. And that's great too - but it is beyond fulfilling to have a transformation so big it changes how someone feels about themselves.

It's such an emotional experience for a woman to lose hair. Extensions can help add length and fullness - but what's a girl to do when she's thinning on top?! One new option is Hot Heads Hairwear. They are essentially hairpieces for women. My client was a perfect candidate for Hairwear. And what a transformation! The client said she now knows what it feels like to have a full head of hair and she can never go back. She also said for the first time in a long time she feels beautiful. Um.... chills!

This wasn't only a huge moment for her but such a blessing for me... that I can have these kinds of experiences making an impact in someone's life as a hairstylist.


As you can see - the client is sparse on top - especially around the hairline. Hot Heads Hair Extensions were already added to the sides and back to create length & fullness (obviously not yet cut)


We thinned out & added dimension to the piece and lightened her own hair to blend. She named her piece Kim - because it reminded her of Kim Zolziak of Bravo fame. And now - for the finished product....


Hairwear completely changed her entire look!



Let me know what you think about Hairwear - I know it's not for everyone - but it certainly provides quite the transformation.

Cheers... Hal

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