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Here in the Philadelphia region, it seems like everyone on social media is all excited - we FINALLY got the big snowstorm they've been waiting for. For me - not so much. It's kind of a strange day. It's only 11 a.m. - too early to open the bottle of chardonnay - even for me. I kind of want to be a little productive before it comes to that. Maybe I should clean... nah. Shovel... ugh - later. OOOH I know - I loooove decorating & Easter IS only a month away. But it feels weird decorating for spring when it's cold, snowy & icy. I got it - it's the perfect time to share some hair inspiration that matches the weather & my mood for today... gray, cold & icy. My coworker was kind enough recently to let me experiment with some trendy, gray tones in his hair.

My coworker's considerably younger then I am. I would feel CRAZY wearing gray hair but he completely rocks the look.

Gray hair is popping up all over the place - here's some gray hair inspiration and celebrity looks.

This got me thinking - can we all do this? I have a wonderful client who decided to go gray after kicking cancer's ass. She looks amazing but she says you would not believe how people treat her like an old lady - giving up their seat on the train, trying to walk her to her car, etc. She doesn't really love what her new appearance means in the world.

Personally, I love cool hues & normally don't let age dictate how a person wears their hair. Maybe it's my own personal issues with age - the gray throws me off a little. When is it ok to go gray? For women there's an obvious societal pressure - why don't the same rules apply to men? to gay men? The questions go on & on? The trend looks cool on celebrities, models, etc. but I have to remember it's a trend. A trend is a passing phase. The young and the beautiful jump on it but can it lead to a societal shift?

This is getting too heavy for a snow day - I think maybe I just get a little too cerebral when I'm bored. For now - enjoy the trend... & pass me the chardonnay.

Cheers... Hal

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