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Do you ever see someone in your travels & wonder why in the hell are they wearing their hair like that? Is it laziness, finances, delusional tendencies - the list can go on & on - some excuses more valid then others. But I have a theory. I think people want to keep their hair as they had it at a point in their life they were happiest, or a time they fondly remember. Well keep it in your memories - not in your style. Most likely it's outdated. Maybe now's the time to make the change - update your hair & make new memories!!!

I once met a really great guy at the salon who hadn't cut his hair in 27 years!!!!!! The last time he cut his hair was the day before he got married! He said he just didn't want to look like a corporate type or someone who conforms too much. That's all fine & dandy but come on - you gotta cut it at some point! Well I was the lucky one who got to give him the makeover. It was so much fun & I often service his daughter who was THRILLED with the transformation! Check out the befores & afters.

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