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Saint Patrick's Day isn't really a big holiday for me - maybe because I'm not Irish, or don't particularly like green on me, or maybe it's my undying devotion to wine & vodka (not a beer fan). But regardless, this day is the perfect one to share a pic of one of my favorite clients Kathy. She let me take her copper & she'll never go back!

Before I start getting hate mail for not loving St. Paddy's Day - let's get it straight - I like it - especially when I get to spend it with these two. As we get to know eachother you'll realize spending Tuesdays with my darlings is a highlight of the weak for me. Lord knows I always come back with some funny stories & a few more gray hairs. Had to share this pic because lets be honest - they're adorable - and come on - that's some pretty legit face painting!

A special Saint Patrick's Day Cheers - Hal

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