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A consultation and trial style are a MUST for any bride. Who am I kidding - trials are becoming more & more common for prom or formal goers too. Back in the day if my sister asked for a prom consult my mother would most likely laugh in her face & inform her she was lucky to get her hair done the day of for heaven's sake. But these are different times I suppose.

But I'm not complaining - it makes my job on the actual day a ton easier. The goal for the client is to find the PERFECT stylist for your big day - hopefully you already have one. If not, then the consultation & trial are even more important.

Come prepared!!!!!

- Bring pictures or pins of your desired style.

- Also bring a picture of your dress and visuals of any other key elements that may help you decide on a style - like bridesmaid dresses, flowers, venues, etc. Obviously if you're going with sunflowers and having your reception in a barn you don't want to go with something too formal for instance.

-Wear a top to your trial with a neckline that resembles the neckline of your dress. You can actually feel what you're comfortable with & it can help you decide really important elements. If the dress is cut low & shows a lot of skin maybe something half up would be best or if the neckline of the dress is high & detailed a full updo may be the way to go.

-Bring any hair accessories or veil you plan on wearing day of.

-Document it! Don't forget to take pics of the style from every angle.

-Take note of how it held up throughout the day so you can let your stylist know if anything needs to be altered the day of.

-Be open to stylist suggestions!

-Schedule a blowdry or curls for your engagement pics - this could be another opportunity for you & your styist to bond & see if you're a good fit!

Cheers - Hal

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