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Something old.... Something new... Something borrowed.... Something blue - is that how it goes?! Whatever - all I know is a year ago or so I had a client want to somehow play with incorporating her mother's veil from the 1970's into her bridal look. When I first glanced all I saw were sequins and feathers - all I could envision was some kind of Cher half breed bridal moment! I would love to see the pictures! My mother was married in the same time frame and the bride and bridesmaids wore floppy hats - so I know that 70's bridal fashion was REALLY different than now!

When she notified me she was going for a Great Gatsby inspired art deco theme I was suddenly inspired - we could totally take the feathers and sequins from the 70's to 2014. Out came the scissors & glue gun & we simply glued embellishments onto bobby pins & pinned an off center feather into her updo. What a really fun and cool way to bring something old & sentimental into your wedding.

Cheers - Hal



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