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Gone are the days of the spring only wedding. Fall has become a HUGE bridal time - & lets face it - people are busy these days. More & more couples are marrying when the time's right for them. So it's important we get our hair on point no matter the season.

Let's be honest. In the spring most of us are looking a little dark haired & pasty from a long winter. Our hair can look pretty dry & tired. Spring brides should think about face framing highlights or glazes for shine to brighten up their look for a spring wedding. Spring has sprung & so should your look for the big day!

The summer bride may be dealing with some major heat & humidity. Contemplate wearing your hair up so it won't get so oily or using anti-humidity products to keep your hair looking smooth & frizz free. Also consider carrying a dry spray shampoo to suck up any extra moisture if you're hair's really getting that oily. No worries - I already have an emergency product kit post planned for the next week or so.

The winter bride will be dealing with some dry air which can cause fly aways and an overall parched & dry look to your hair. Use conditioning masks leading up to the big day. The day of the wedding don't be scared to use shine sprays to moisten up your look & bring dryer sheets or an anti static product like Kerastase carre lissant smoothing sheets - you don't need to look electrocuted in pics!

The fall is becoming more & more popular because you often get perfect hair & makeup weather. It may be slightly more humid like summer or really dry like winter - but we already discussed ways to counteract these so you're ready to go!

So no matter the season - be beautiful!

Cheers - Hal

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