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Don't stray too far from the real you.

Don't wash your hair day of.

Don't flatiron before trial or big day - it will be way to hard for your stylist to get a hold on your hair - even if they are a miracle worker.

Don't cut, color, or do smoothing treatment 2 days or less before wedding. Do it at least one week in advance - gives you a softer, more natural look & gives you an opportunity to fix any oopsies.

Don't forget your emergency kit - we'll be going over that later.

Don't forget your stylist - tag in photos or send pics for their portfolios.

Do plan timing - work with the stylist to make sure you have the right start time so everyone looks perfect.

Do wear a button down shirt or robe on day of so you're not pulling anything over your head after your hair's been perfected.

Do be honest with your stylist if you see something you don't like as you see it - I personally appreciate it so I can fix it as I go - don't wait til the end - at that point it may be too late.

If your stylist isn't staying all day get a lesson on veil removal - you don't want to trash your look if you're planning on removing it at some point.

Do make sure you color, chemically treat, & trim your hair two weeks before the day - it'll look more natural & give you time to fix any unfortunate oopsies.

Be true to you!

Loosen up - you don't want your hair so tight you get a headache or you look like you got a facelift for the big day.

Get a great photographer - a photographer with mad photoshopping skills can fix any little fly away.

Cheers - Hal

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