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Wedding Hair Types

CURLY - play it up - I would suggest putting it up with your natural curl so you look like yourself. Otherwise, you can have it blown out & more loosely curled - but this is where a consultation & trial are a a MUST - what if you don't feel like yourself with straight here or it's an exceedingly humid day?!

STRAIGHT - If you have very straight hair & it doesn't hold a curl well you should really wear it all up even if it wasn't your vision.

FINE - Again put it up - also add twists, loops, braids, accessories, etc. to add texture to you hair.

THICK - Half up is perfect for thick hair - you can tuck half it up & still have some down - the perfect solution to thick out of control hair.

OILY - Wear it up & don't touch it!

LONG - Long hair is the best kind to wear all down - it can be curled & still look long.

SHORT - Short hair is so on trend right now. If you wear a lob or a regular bob you can curl it (think old Hollywood style) or pin one side back & look completely on trend.

Cheers - Hal

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