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Hope everyone had an AMAZING Memorial Day Weekend! I know I did. As I was saying in my last post when I was wrapping up our bridal talk - it's been a long, long winter & spring formal season. I for one am more then ready for summer!

As I was laying in the pool this holiday weekend it reminded me of a special request from one of my favorite clients Beth. She's also a summer lover but her young daughters - who could not be more precious - have amazingly curly & thick hair. Which, needless to say, becomes a rat's nest when they go in the ocean or pool. The havoc salt water & chlorine can wreak on your hair is not only an issue for kids. It's an issue for everyone - especially all the blondes who pay top dollar to lighten up that hair for summer. Once you achieve that perfect Frozen blonde you don't want it to end up more Ursula than Elsa.

Let's be honest - for the most part my readers & I are going nowhere in a swimming cap. We need to look glam but not let our hair look like a sea monster. So here's some advice to protect your hair from the salt & chlorine.

PREP HAIR - wet your hair with tap water before you go in the pool or ocean - this way your hair won't absorb as much of the nasty stuff that can dry it out & zap your color.

BRUSH, BRUSH, BRUSH - have your wet brush (you all know I'm obsessed with this life changing detangling brush) or a wide tooth comb in your beach bag - immediately after swimming detangle the hair starting from the bottom up - this way your hair won't dry a rat's nest.

WASH THE SAME DAY - if there's a shower or fawcett nearby rinse or shampoo your hair after swimming & then detangle - I know we can't all do this right after swimming but do it that night if you can - don't sleep on it.

CLARIFY - there are some great clarifying shampoos & treatments on the market that will get all the guck & buildup out of your hair - I shared my fave clarifying shampoo in Back to Basics Shampoos & in one of the next posts I'll compile a list of the best summer products - no fear.

VISIT YOUR STYLIST - some of the best clarifying treatments aren't available to the general public - or the gp as I call it - so go to the salon & get the treatment. I have a ton of clients who come in before school starts to get the summer out of their hair - if it's that bad come in sooner!!!!

Hope this helps & you can feel a little less guily wetting your luscious locks this summer.

Cheers - Hal

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