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People are always asking me what the "new thing" is in hair? For a while the most popular trends have revolved around color - think ombre & balayage for starters, or styling - loose curls & braids to name a few. From a cut perspective there hasn't been something really big in a while. Well now there's the "lob". We've been combining worlds forever now - think brangelina, gaydar, frenemy, so we might as well come up with a fun combo for a haircut - why not?! So now we have the lob, or the long bob. The lob can fall anywhere from right below the jaw to somewhere around the collarbone & we're seeing this trend everywhere. Whether you decide to wear the lob straight & sleek or in a messy textured look, you can't go wrong. The cut is very versatile. As you can see I personally like a loosely curled lob but the cut is very versatile.

If you're looking for a new cut - try the lob.

Cheers - Hal

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