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It seems like we're constantly referencing color terms - like ombre, sombre, babylights, balayage, and now ecaille, otherwise known as tortoiseshell. It's pronounced ick-eye-elle - at least I think - don't hate mail me if I'm wrong lol - I'm certainly no expert in French. While ombre & balayage are coloring techniques, ecaille isn't so much a technique as it is a color. Think of tortoiseshell & all the warm tones in it - golden blondes, chestnuts, mahogany, chocolate & honey to name a few. It's very dimensional with many colors painted or balayaged onto to the hair - think Gisele Bundchen.

What do you think of ecaille - or any of the coloring techniques & terms out their today? Let me know here or over on social media.

Cheers - Hal

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