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Last week was a pretty special one for me... my birthday! Just kidding - although it was my birthday - it was pretty special for some other reasons. It's pretty rare that I take a full week off work - as a matter of fact it was this time last year. I went completely off the grid - no social media posting, no clients, no updos, no cutting, no hair painting or curling (ok that's a slight exaggeration - my sisters did con me into curling their hair once or twice). It felt great. The weather was gorgeous, the meals delicious, & the time spent with family priceless. Some may say - really it's only the Jersey shore - but to me it's precious time spent away from work & with family. It was the perfect recharge - exactly what I needed. The transition back to reality was a rather abrupt & interesting one. I came home on a Saturday night & did a large wedding party early on Sunday morning. I went from feet in the surf of Cape May to working barefoot with sand in my hair in an upscale Philadelphia hotel suite - pics to come. I may not have looked on top of my A game but the wedding party looked nothing short of perfection. Summer to me is a wonderful time of the year - gorgeous weather, sand & surf - & last week filled every expectation.

Hope you all are having the best summer too!

Cheers - Hal

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