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Happy Labor Day Weekend! Typically this is a weekend of mourning for me as it signals the "unofficial end of summer". But this year it was a blast because, for starters, I simply refuse to accept the end of summer until the end of September. But seriously & more imortantly, I attended - & styled the hair - for my cousin Chelsae's very preppy, nautical, coastal, labor day holiday, Bar Harbor Maine, wedding weekend. Ok, I'm aware that's a run on sentence & makes no sense at all but there aren't enough adjectives to describe how beautiful & enchanting the event was. I cannot WAIT to see professional pictures because I'm sure they'll do a much better job at really, truly capturing the magic of the evening. But I just can't wait to share some of the pics - so here's just a little preview. From a hairstyling perspective, which after all is why I'm on this blog in the first place, I loooooved the looks. Very loose, textured, and preppy - perfect for a holiday weekend wedding. Most of the gorgeous ladies opted for more relaxed looks - from textured braids & chignons to the ever popular half up with curls. My personal favorite looks of the day were my niece's crown braid with loose curls & the beautiful bride's oversized & textured ballerina bun - & how adorable is the gold bow?!?!

I had a very coastal & glamorous Labor Day Weekend - hope your's was a great one too! & hope you can squeeze a little extra out of summer over the next few weeks!

Cheers - Hal

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