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So we're coming to my least favorite time of year - obviously other then winter - the dreaded end of summer! I hate to see the season end. But on the flip side I think it's a blast getting everyone ready for back to school. Especially when the client's up for whatever it takes to perfect their fall look.

This sister, sister duo is the perfect example of how to get glam for fall. Their last name may not be Kardashian but they sure do look like celebrity sisters to me. The sister pictured above got a Coppola Keratin treatment to tame her tresses and we used Hot Heads Hair Extensions to add length & fullness. Her hair went from a little summer frizz to long & sleek. She looks FABULOUS!

These sisters have completely different hair. The younger one already had length & was in absolutely no need of any kind of smoothing treatment. But again we used Hot Heads Hair Extensions to add fullness - taking her length from a little lifeless to thick and glamorous.

This client exudes so much fun & positive energy I just had to share this before & after shot too. When I ask my clients to take pics they often shy away or only agree if I don't show their face - but not this beauty. She totally went for it & I for one totally appreciate it - I think she looks like a little bundle of sunshine!

These are the kind of back to school clients that are a stylist's dream come true. Forget getting your beauty on for fall - these two look like they're red carpet ready!

What do you all think about these makeovers? Let me know here or over on social media.

Cheers - Hal

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